A common question I get from people that want to start blogging is, what is a keyword research tool? Well, I want to answer this question today and illustrate it.

A keyword research tool like Jaaxy is a search term planner that allows the user to see the terms or phrases being searched for by web users. But, this tool does more than this, as you probably guessed. It also optimizes for those terms. This might sound a little bit technical. So, let’s discuss it further with illustrations.

Now, when you log on to Google.com to search something like Wealthy Affiliates, you are taken to a page with a listing for different web pages with information about Wealthy Affiliates. But, what you may not realize is that Google records your search.

Search engines like Google keep track of the number of people searching for different terms. This information is valuable to them.

Now, a keyword research tool, just like we’ve done in the keyword research for Wealthy Affiliates, collects information from different search engines. This enables it to know the number of times that a keyword is searched for by internet users. But, because the tool doesn’t have records for every search engine, it can’t be completely accurate.

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However, the tool makes a pretty amazing guess. And, because the tool is somehow inaccurate, it can also be fairly consistent. That means the terms you search using this tool will be off by a certain percentage. Thus, though you may not trust individual counts, you can compare the terms with some reasonable level of accuracy.

An ideal keyword research tool should charge users a small access fee. That’s because this tool requires money to build and maintain. But, the monthly fee charged is reasonable for anyone that wants to include keyword

research in their blogging strategy.

Which is the Best Keyword Research Tool? 

This question is not easy to answer. A simple search on Google for the phrase, “keyword research tools” brings up dozens of software packages and websites. Each of these tools purports to be the best with reviews and ratings. But, which tool is genuinely the best?

Only a keyword research pro can tell you which keyword research tool is the most useful and accurate. You can spend hours or days reading reviews and still end up with conflicting information regarding the best keyword research tool.

I have spent countless hours tinkering with various products and searching for truthful reviews. I have compared almost everything I’ve come across to determine which keyword research tool is worth buying but it’s like a nightmare.

My conclusion is that you should go for what works best for you. If you try a keyword research like Jaaxy

tool and it gives you results, go with it. But if it doesn’t, switch to another one. After all, blogging should involve some learning. And there are many ways of learning. For instance, you can become a successful blogger by learning the secrets of the trade from Wealthy Affiliates. That means you don’t have to spend all your precious time doing research when you can implement techniques and use tools that have been proven effective.

So, Is Buying a Keyword Research Tool a Worthy Investment? 

Well, it depends. If you want to start blogging just to express yourself, a keyword research tool might not be a necessary investment. That’s because your blog is simply a creative outlet. Therefore, you don’t expect thousands of people to read your posts every month.

But, if you want to learn about blogging and use your blog as a sales tool, you should invest in a good keyword research tool. In that case, take a business perspective towards a keyword research tool. Is it worth your investment?

The answer, in that case, is a resounding yes. Using the right keywords to target a blog post at the right audience can being 10,000 visitors to your blog. If you just write the same post from your head without doing some keyword research, you can get just 100 visitors. So, how much is every visitor or subscriber worth? If 1% of visitors read and subscribe to your blog, that’s an addition of 99 subscribers. And this translates to revenue.

That means if you promote affiliate products or sell informational products via your blog, a correctly targeted blog post will generate revenue for many years. Some products give commissions worth $500 and above. This is more than enough to pay an annual fee for the best keyword research tool.

After all, some of the best tools charge a monthly fee of between $35 and $70. So, if your blog is really valuable to you, this is a fee you will pay willingly to enhance your chances of success. You can also talk to Wealthy Affiliates to know which keyword research tools they use or recommend.


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