When searching for Top Website Hosting Services on any search engine most of time Google and Bing will show only the ones who paid for advertising but, in this post, I’m going to share with you the top hosting companies and I’ll let you know pick the best for you.

As you see read through this article make sure you click every single link of each website hosting companies options and make sure you check them out and pick the best for you.


Here are my Top Hosting Companies!

  1. Blue Host – They have been around for years and the best part of them is that they offer a free domain once you sign up with them. Another feature that, I like about them is their support service is fenomenal. Another cool feature and for most people this is important is that, you can install WordPress with ONE CLICK!. Trust me that some time back installing WordPress was not easy at all.I’m glad they have this options for newbies. But the most important is their price because, it starts from $3.99 a month as I write this article but you could verify if the price increase here.

Also, they offer a free SSL when you purchase a domain with them and that is super important right now because, Google & Bing don’t like websites with no SSL. This could also damage your ranking in  search engines.

They also host around 2 million websites around the world in which is amazing and all of those 2 million people rely on their hosting services. They also offer a money back guarantee if you don’t like the service.

A brilliant feature Blue Host has is called “WordPress Pro” in which tracks you statistics inside of the their platform and is full with marketing tools, security and data backups.

I also wrote an article on how to buy the hosting from them and buy the domain here.

2. Host Gator – This one in my opinion is one of the most famous out of all the top web hosting companies that, I’m writing here.

It was the first my first hosting company when I started blogging about my favorite topics online  back in 2003. So what is so good about Host Gator?


As shown in the picture below Host Gator has different packages to chose from and they are very affordable. I recommend the Baby Plan because, it has more features that most newbies, small businesses, network marketers, etc need to run their websites.

Me personally use the hosting with Wealthy Affiliates since their hosting is super fast I also the place where, I learned how to create a successful blog online.

Host Gator customer service is also a great one to be honest. When,  I used them in the past and I got into any issues their customer service helped me fix any issues with my websites. They literally walk you through anything that you need. So don’t worry about any issues that comes if you decide to go with them.

Host Gator also has the WordPress one click set up.


Which one is the best? 

I really prefer Blue Host since is not expensive and it has more features than Host Gator.

Don’t forget to click on my affiliate links and check both of them just in case you need to make your own decision instead of following my advice.

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