Learn How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

The title above is a very common search term in search engines and it because, we all have a passion that we want to share with the world but, at the same time we all want to make some money with our content.

Before, I even begin to explain do I make money blogging let me be honest and share with you that it WILL TAKE TIME to get some traffic to your blog and it will take hard work (create content). If these two important things are NOT a problem for you, please keep reading! 

Now let me share how, I started blogging for profits and that was a few years ago back in 2007 and it was a way for me to express what how I felt at the moment and I also wanted make money through blogging.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what, I was doing but, I put my content out there anyway and I even paid a company by that time around $300 to rank my website and guess what? They didn’t do anything for me at all. My content was kept in the woods for months. Why? Because, I was doing it all wrong.

I’m glad I found wealthy affiliates who really helped me understand how blogging works and I was finally able to make money online blogging. Not only that, I learned how to blog but, I also learned how to save money on stupid companies who are not going to do anything for me when it comes to rank my website.

So that was a saving of $3,600 a year!

Once, I got the knowledge on how to blog, I was able to share my knowledge (by that time it was fitness and now is blogging), create the right structure for my blog, use the right keywords and not go broad on keywords, build my traffic, share the right information with my audience who were hungry to learn more about my information (I’m sure you want to do the same), and be able to make profits from my own content.

So the question is how can I make money blogging? 

The answer is simple! Make sure you know what you want to blog about so basically what, I’m referring is to pick a niche. Once you have your own niche make sure you pick a domain name and you also need a hosting company to make your website live in the internet. Once you have those steps figure out you need to create a plan.

This plan was all layout for me in Wealthy Affiliates plus you need a community of people behind you to help you succeed all the way. The community inside of Wealthy Affiliates helped me big time during my learning process.

But, going back on how to monetize your content, this is how you start! Make sure when you write that you are YOU! What, I mean with that is to write as you speak with a friend and don’t pretend to write words and be tooo perfect.

When I write my content, I just share what I know and I’m me all the time. As you read this blog post maybe you find misspells or some sentences are not structure the way it’s supposed to be but, guess what?
This content WILL RANK anyway and that is how you are reading it right now.


How To Do Keyword Research

This is for me the most important part of this entire process of making money blogging. You can’t go to broad when creating your content for your niche. Make sure you use long tail keywords instead of going broad.

What do I mean? Here is an example of going broad with keywords. Lets say that you are in the yoga niche and you want to create your content about yoga. Don’t create your content about Yoga. This is a very hard keyword to rank for because, it’s too broad and instead you should write your content about “2 person yoga poses” because, that search term is A LOT easier to rank content than ranking the word “yoga”


Do I need Pictures On My Blog Posts? 

Yes! You do need good pictures, graphs, videos or anything that gets the attention and make people read your content and stay in your page (just like you are doing right now). The more your traffic stays on your page the better ranking you’ll have in the eyes of the search engines and the more traffic you’ll get for FREE! That is the step that we all want, right? We want free traffic coming from the search engines to our content and make our audience purchase something, ask for more information, connect with you, grab their email in exchange of something like an ebook, send referrals to other companies and get paid, etc.

Have You Heard The Term Sell Without Selling? 

If you haven’t heard about this don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to do it!
The “Sell Without Selling” is when you are writing your content about a problem that your traffic has and you have the solution for them.

Example of that is that you are looking for a way to make money blogging and you are reading my content right now. At the same time that you are reading this post, I’m recommending Wealthy Affiliates to you in a indirect way. WHY? Because, it help me with my problem! Remember, that I was paying $300 a month to a company that never delivered and I was writing content that was lost in the woods with no traffic?

Now all that changed for the best and that is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliates because, it will solve your problem on how to monetize your content as you grow your own business in your nice.

Also, keep in mind that content will stay online forever! The content you create right now if you do it right, will stay forever working for you 24/7 for years to come. Some days, I write 5 new articles each day. That is 35 new articles a week and that is 1,820 new articles about my niche in a year! Are you visualizing the power of blogging?

What other ways can I make money blogging? 

Once you have the right content in your website using the right structure with the right keywords and let the content work for you. You could add more things or ways to make money using your website. Here are just a few examples of many ways:

  1. Create your own course
  2. Create a PDF and sell it
  3. Create a step by step process and sell it
  4. Sell audio that you have about your topic
  5. Old recordings
  6. Coaching and many more!

There are many more ideas but, you could make money if you really take action! No dream will become a reality unless you take imperfect action. I really mean imperfect action because, you don’t have to be perfect on something to start at all. Just start and learn as you go, plus let your imperfect content work for you just like, I’m doing it right now.

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A Much Easier Option…Wealthy Affiliate

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