We all have a soft spot for free things. That’s particularly true for bloggers when what is free brings more traffic, better ranking, reputation, and money. Thankfully, there are many keyword search tool free resources you can use to boost your ranking. But, there is a downside to this. Some free tools are simply junk. They won’t add any value to your SEO strategy.

I hope by the time you’re done reading this post you will have already made up your mind about the freeKeyword_research_tool_Jaaxy_free tool for your keyword research and if you haven’t, please check Jaaxy out!. You are probably aware that keyword research is the foundation and the first step in the blogging or content marketing process.

Ask Wealthy Affiliates about it and they will tell you that they want every blog post they publish to rank and get them more exposure. But, to achieve this, keyword research is a must. Without information on keyword competition scores, search volume, and data on related keywords, you can tell what the audience is searching for. Thus, your content won’t add any value no matter how interesting it is to read if you don’t incorporate the right search terms.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a term or phrase that represents the content of a post or page. When looking for a product, service, or information on search engines, people use certain search queries or phrases. These search queries or phrases define their immediate intent clearly.

We use search engines to access web information with ease. Image search and voice search have changed how internet users access and seek information. Nevertheless, keywords remain important no matter what or how people are searching for. We’re uploading, typing, and speaking out search terms or keywords trying to find information.

For instance, when you use Google to find the best club near us, we use keywords like “the best club near me”. You can also use a term like “club near me”. These are examples of key phrases or keywords that we use to find what we’re looking for at that particular moment.

What’s the Importance of Keywords?

Search engines use keywords to index content on a blog or website. But unlike humans, search engines can’t read text or blog posts. Therefore, they employ Natural Language Processing. This enables them to understand what the content is all about. Keywords play a crucial role in this process. Including search terms in your content is like giving search engines a clue about your topic or content.

However, you should be careful not to stuff your content with keywords. Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO tactic that is frowned upon by Google. Therefore, use a tool that generates alternative terms that can also rank.

The Best Free Keyword Search Tool

The best free tool for keyword research has unique features. When looking for the search terms to incorporate in your content, you don’t just need keywords. You need industry-specific, unique information. The tool you use should, therefore, have features that enable it to perform in-depth keyword analysis. It should also generate search terms that help you in prioritizing and making the most of your budget.

An ideal tool for keyword search is designed to help search marketers get keywords that inform their blogging and marketing campaigns. It also includes cost and competition data that is tailored to the industry and country of the user. That means the final list of search terms the user gets is relevant to their specific business.

Another important feature is the opportunity score. This highlights the best opportunities for search terms. Campaigns and content targeting search terms should have the highest opportunity score. That’s because these are the terms that are likely to deliver the results you desire.

Final Thought

You found this content probably because I wanted it to rank for the term, “keyword search tool free”. If you want to start blogging or build a website, make sure that your content is aimed at ranking for a specific keyword. If you have a tight budget that can’t afford you a premium keyword search tool, you can use a free one. You don’t have to pay a fortune to get a tool that helps you find keywords that will rank and bring you the traffic you desire.

However, if you can afford a paid keyword research tool, invest in one. That’s because paid tools have more features and they tend to generate more comprehensive lists of search terms. You can ask experienced bloggers or Wealthy Affiliates about the keywords they use to rank their content on search engines.



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