How To Start A Blog To Make Money 

The fist step make money blogging might sound too obvious but, is to just start! Some people find this simple step hard because, they are worried that blogging will not work, they are worried about what people think about their new idea, don’t know how to start or just fear of the “what if.”

This will stop today!

Make sure you have a clear view of what your blog is going to be about. Be precise because, most people make a quick decision then add content to their blog and then decide to go with a different niche. Trust me because, I was one of those people!

The same approach with your domain name. Come up with a domain name that is professional and it could be specific to your niche or it could be kind of broad for your niche. I’m sure you’ll want to change the name later if you make your decision fast.

So, now that you are 100% sure about your domain name and niche lets continue with the next  steps.

Here you’ll have a few simple steps to start blogging for profits today in 7 steps!

1) Purchase Domain: Let me remind you about this process. Make sure you are 100% sure before you buy a domain and I’m going to show you two ways to get your domain and one of them the domain is free but, you pay for the hosting and the second option is free hosting for LIFE and you just purchase the domain with Wealthy Affiliates. Also, with Wealthy Affiliates you don’t have to change your DNS settings or go to a complex process to set up your websites. All you have to do is click a button and the system will upload everything for you. You could check Wealthy Affiliates for free here.

Now if you prefer to get a free domain and just pay for the hosting, please go here. I did a different article covering how to buy a domain name using Blue Host.

2) Find Blog Hosting: Without Wealthy Affiliate you can find some pretty cheap hosting to start with, but eventually you’ll need to upgrade to a more expensive plan. With Wealthy Affiliate you have access to unlimited free hosting for life! But, if you prefer to purchase the hosting with another company like Blue Host and learn how to install everything go here.


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3) Install WordPress: Installing WordPress isn’t difficult if you have the knowledge, but for a complete beginner it can be a hell of a task. When you start a website at Wealthy Affiliate WordPress is already installed. With Blue Host you could install WordPress with one click and get a free domain.

4) Choose A WordPress Theme: Wealthy Affiliate offers 1,000s of free WordPress themes available for install with a simple click. There’re many free and paid themes to chose from and this is also an important step because, the theme gives your site the look that you want. You could start with a free theme if you want and then switch to a premium version. But, to be honest i have met super affiliates making six figures with free themes.

5) Install Important Plugins: This are tools that will help you automate your website like schedule post, create affiliate links, add ads to your website and many more things.

6) Content & Traffic:  This is the most important part of this process and the most fun and tedious for you because, this is when you have to write your content, think about the keywords that you want to use, what audience are you going to target once you have your content nailed down. This phase is when you start getting some views and start monetizing your blog. 

How Long Does It Take To Rank A Content? 

The content could take a few weeks and months all depends on your niche. Some low hanging fruit niches are a lot easier to rank. But, don’t worry because, your content will rank if you follow a proven step like Wealthy Affiliates.

The key here to rank your website and content is to use proper keyword research. Try to rank for keywords that are not too broad. As I, explained here.  

7) Make Your Blog Profitable: As I mentioned above you need to really take your time and do your keyword search, structure your articles using H1, H2, H3 tags with keywords and use long tail keywords to rank even faster. Once you do these steps you will have a profitable blog.

Also, keep in mind that you need offers, ads like Google Adsense, your products or services for your audience if you want to make money using your blog. Writing content only won’t make your blog profitable, that will be a hobby instead and most people are ok with that.
But, at least for me if, I’m taking the time to write content like this, organize the article, find my keywords, images and maybe video, I rather make money.

That is why learning how to start a blog and learn affiliate marketing are the perfect match and that exactly why I joined Wealthy Affiliates.

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    8 replies to "How To Start A Blog To Make Money"

    • Henderson

      Hello admin, I must say that I am happy that you could bring this up here because I have been thinking of how one can build and make money with their own website. Seeing that you have simplified everything is great. I think that it is important that one starts. The only and first tip like you have said is to start and so I have decided to start. Thank you for both motivating and educating me. I will make sure to put your tips in mind. Thanks and best regards.

    • Chloe

      Hello there, thanks for sharung these helpful tios on how to open a blog. Blogging have been a really cool means of making money today in ourr online word its been soemthing many people wants to get involved in but have no idea how to go about it. I’m impressed with these tips you have given because these are same personal tips I’ll need to anyone who seek for my assistance in that aspect. Nice being here.

      • admin

        Thanks, Cloe for liking our blog post. Most people are not taking blogging as a way to make money because, they think blogging is not profitable. Blogging could take some time get it right but, in the long run it will always be lucrative. 

        This is one of many websites that, I have that, is making me profits every single day. 

        Learn more here about the advanced training that I recommend:

    • mattias

      Thanks for giving this short and precise article and I must say that I feel very charged to go for it all right now. Afterall, I have nothing much to lose if everything does not work out the way u want it to be. I really want to start blogging but I have the ogobia that I might turn to a failure or lose interest overtime but then, reading this, I realised that there is no harm in trying but there is every evil in not trying at all. So,I decided to give it a chance and really give it my best shot. Thumbs up

      • admin

        The only evil is when you don’t take action! I was like that in the past and left so many great opportunities past that I regret but, now that is all in the past and I’m glad, I decided to start my blog and see profits each day. 

        Taking action is the best step anyone could do!. Thanks for your feedback, Mattias

    • Shelley

      Starting out with a blog cannot be much more simpler than the way you have presented it and I am immensely glad that you have provided this much information god me on this. Thumbs up. To be honest, I really found this information to ve very helpful and I will make sure to keep to heart all I have learnt here. There is nothing wrong in just getting started with the blog and having known what it would be about, creating wkrthu content and generating traffic would be integral to ithe development. Thanks

      • admin

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this and also, I’m glad that you liked our article about this. Please always come back for more great information about affiliate marketing and blogging

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