How to start a blog for profit is a common question that I get almost every single day! But, in this article, I’m going to explain you all the basic things you need to start and make money blogging. 

First things first!

How_to_make_money_BloggingBefore starting making money and big profits blogging is the pick a niche. Once you have that niche of your choice “STICK TO IT” and the reason why i wrote “STICK TO IT” is because, most people just starting blogging about something/vertical and then wants to move to another one.

This thinking of changing things constantly will take you steps backwards instead of moving forward.

Once you have that niche/vertical to start with you must find a good hosting company and then purchase your domain.

In this article, I go over the steps on how to get the best hosting with Blue Host and they even give you the domain for free!>

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But if you don’t want to try the free training above and full of support just follow the steps of this post and you are good to go on your own!

When I took the leap of faith to start blogging and making profits blogging I did use the banner above to start and my success just took off really really quick! So just, keep that in mind.


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