How To Make Money Blogging About Your Passion

Thousands of people search how to make money with their content and I have a few important steps for you in this article. 

As you continue reading, I’m going to share with you a couple of important steps so you could start making money sharing your favorite topic, passion or simply if you just want to share any information.

Let be clear on something and is that content do take some time to get ranked in search engines but, is not impossible to get it ranked if you follow a process like Wealthy Affiliates show in their university.


Should I use images? 

Images could be used for many reasons like guide your reader through your article and maybe make feel or imagine what you are trying to present with your content. That is exactly how, I try to do when, I create my content.

How To Use Pinterest for BloggingImages could also help with search engines and help people find your content. Example of that is Pinterest. There are millions of people using Pinterest to search for what they need to know about. It’s like Google and Bing but, Pinterest is all about images.

I really like to use images as I write my content but, I don’t over use them.

Let me share a secret that will help you with images in your content and that is to save the image in your computer using a keyword. When people search for a specific topic in search engines that could bring your image and people find your article which is good because, is free traffic. Later on this article, I’m going to share how to use content to your advantage and get free traffic but specially rank in search engines.


Video On Blogging

Video is trending right now and more people are consuming video like never before. YouTube is the biggest video platform right now and people consuming video in a insane way.

I use video on almost all of my post and I do that because of these two reasons:

  1. I want people to stay on my website (the helps to rank your website)
  2. Some people are visual learners and prefer to watch a “how to video” instead of reading it.


The way I use video is to for something like a “how to” and that way, I keep my readers inside my blog in which it helps me rank my website faster. Keeping your readers engaged is and should be your focus when you start blogging about your niche.

I’m glad, I found Wealthy Affiliates some time ago and learned all these great information and be able to monetize my content. I want you to do the same.

Does Content Work & How Much Of Content Do I Need?

Yes!! Content does work and you need a lot of it!! The more content the better for you! I really believe content is the key to rank and for people to find your blog. Think about this for a second! I get excited because, I really believe in content more than I believe in video but, that is another whole story.

So going back to my previous point that, I was going to share with you and got distracted. Why do you think Wikipedia is one of the most dominant website in the world 🌎 and that is because, they go “HARD” on content. Is Wikipedia a sexy website? I’m sure you know the answer of that and is “NO”

My point here is that you don’t need a sexy website to win in your niche, you don’t need a perfect content and punctuations, and commas when the commas, are, supposed, to, be, and, so on. You are reading this post right now because, of the way, I structure this article, keyword research and other things but it was not because, of my horrible writing skills.

All you need is to put content and a lots of it.

How long does content takes to rank? This is a common question that, I always get but, the answer is “Takes Time” and I mean sometimes months to get your site ranked and your keywords to get some type of notice. Some people rank their site faster but they could be doing what we call online “BlackHat Tricks” but, in the long run they get penalized and their ranking is gone!

That is exactly how I build my websites and content. I follow the rules  and create a lot of content on a daily basis. My goal at the time writing this content is to write at least 15 articles a week in which makes 3,120 articles in a year. Do you think that 3,120 articles about teaching people like you on how to blog will make me an authority in this niche? Of course, it will and that is why I’m taking massive action to write and share my knowledge about blogging and how I learned this stuff with Wealthy Affiliates.


Now lets move on to keyword research in which another important step!

Keyword Research Blog

You need to spend some time doing your keyword research because, this is one of the most important steps when writing your article. Keyword research has to be almost perfect because, the keywords are the one who are going to help you get ranked in search engines like Google & Bing.

The way, I do this keyword research is I go for long tail keywords – are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are writing about.

Let me put it this way for you. Which of these two keywords are going to rank faster?

  1. Blogging
  2. How to make money blogging?

If you picked blogging you are wrong because, the keyword “blogging” is way too broad but, if you write an article or many articles about “how to make money blogging?” the article could rank faster because, the keyword is more specific and has an intent to learn from the person who’s searching for the word “how to make money blogging” and the percentage of that person to buy from you is higher than someone who is looking for just “blogging.”

I hope this makes sense 😀 .

Best SEO Keyword Research Tool

Defenetely you need a keyword research tool to find the perfect keyword for your content and not only that you really need if that keyword has been searched before and how many times in a month. This data is essential for your content and to rank later on.

The tool that, I use is called “Jaaxy” and it’s free inside of Wealthy Affiliates.

This Jaaxy tool really shows you the amount of times the keyword has been searched and it also shows you the chance for you to rank for that keyword. It’s like cheating the search engines!

You could use Google Keyword Planner but that only shows the searches a month and the pay per click cost. Now, with Jaaxy it shows your chance to rank for a specific keyword. As you can see in the image below, Jaaxy shows the GET QSR (the number of websites competing for the keyword. Think about this for a second!! If there are only 11 websites competiting for that keyword, do you think, you could rank for that keyword very easy if you create content for that keyword? The answer is an obvious “YES”

That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliates and all the tools they have to offer and you could read about it here.

In this example, I was looking for “how to make money blogging about a variety of things” and Jaaxy gave me  the options like:

  1. average searched in a month
  2. Keyword traffic
  3. QSR (explained above)
  4. KQI – Shows if is a good option for your content
  5. SEO – It gives you a score from 0-100 and the higher the number is the easier will be to rank
  6. Domains – It shows the type of domains that are using this keyword. Example: if is .com, .info, etc

Best Keyword research tool


Now, look at your right and you’ll see the it gives you more long tail keywords and if you remember in the beginning of my article, I specifically recommend to use long tail keyword to rank faster and those long tail keywords contain a higher intent from the person doing the search. At this point, I’m sure you have a better understanding on how all these work and if you have the right training like Wealthy Affiliates and the right tools, there is no way for you to fail!


Free Keywords Research Tool & Analysis

As I showed above there are many free keyword research tools but, those are not good as the one above called “Jaaxy” and it’s free with Wealthy Affiliates and also the hosting and the theme for your new website are 100% Free!


How To Share Content

Sharing is caring and you must learn how to share your content with the world. There are a couple of ways to make this happen. Here are just a few out of many:

  1. YouTube – You could create videos about your niche and share them in YouTube showing how good your product is, showing your course, your review about a product, your knowledge about a specific topic like sposts, wine, politics and so on.
  2. Facebook – Share your content on Facebook is essential because it helps with your website rankings, more people will know about your product or service, you could create a Facebook group and find people who are interested in your product or service and monetize your content from those people.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is my favorite because, once your website gets ranked in search engines your content will be shown first and if readers or viewers are finding your content that means good business for you. Plus, all traffic coming from SEO is free! All you have to do is work hard on creating the content using all of the options here and rank your content.
  4. Pay Per Click – This is when you buy ads on search engines and send your leads to your page, landing page, website, YouTube video, Facebook page, messenger bot, etc.
  5. Banners – You could buy spots on certain websites and share your product or service like that. Example will be, buying a spot in CNN and show all CNN readers your product or service.

There are many more ways and all options above are the most common and effective ones. It all depends on your budget.


How To Write Content

The way, I approach this is first to do my keyword research and do all the steps above. Once, I got all those steps done and brainstorm my content and write all the important steps about my topic in a way my readers:

  1. Understand my content
  2. Learn from my content
  3. Make them share my content
  4. Sign up/Buy from me once they feel they like my content or service.

Now the structure inside your website must be specific and use important things like H1 words, H2 and H3. Those H1, H2 and H3 are keywords and that helps your website to rank. Basically when you use H1, 2, 3 titles and keywords you are telling the search engines what your website and content is about.

Website Content Rating

The website content rating is based on all the steps above and it will tell the search engines how good your content is it will position your website on page one in most search engines.

This is crucial is you want to get found in search engines. Please do not use spin content on your websites and becareful who you hire to create your content. At least, I write my own content and if I do outsource it, I make sure is not duplicated content. Search engines hate duplicated content. Your content must be original and with more than 500 words at least. So far this article has 2k words so it will be good for search engines.

Sell without selling – How to Make money

I really love this saying of “selling without selling” and the reason is that is how exactly you will make your money blogging when without selling anything. So how is that possible, Ricky?

Same way, I did write this content for you showing you a way to make money blogging and as I was writing I left some links for you to check out and maybe buy. At any moment in this article, I wrote the words buy, use cash, you should buy from me or none of that. I just shared a content with you giving great and valuable information using my affiliate links (I make a small fee from each link if is an affiliate link)

If you liked this articles please share it using the social media icons on your right, leave a comment and lets discuss anything or let me know what else would you like to know about blogging and monetize your blog.

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    • grea8J

      If I told you, maybe you won’t believe me. I found it difficult to grasp the idea behind Pinterest . This is the first article I read that explained in simple details that makes me understand how Pinterest  works. I don’t hesitate to bookmark a great site like yours. You write with great simplicity that I understand so much. Thanks. I like writing and I believe that I will make a great career with blogging.

      • admin

        I appreciate your feedback and trust me in the beginning, I was skeptical with Pinterest but its a great way to increase your traffic by just pinning your articles and creating a simple banner to promote. Pinterest is also a great search engine that most people don’t know. 

    • Henderson

      Wow, you  have written is all her already. Everything that is needed to make money as a blogger. I don’t think that there are any other thing to add anymore. One thing that is usually stressed is that as a blogger who is going into marketing, it is important to sell value before selling the product hence “not selling before selling”. Thank you for this awesome tips here. I will make good use of it. Cheers!

      • admin

        I’m glad you liked the article, Henderson. Thanks for sharing your feedback with me today. I believe in give value to earn trust and create tribe of people who trust you and follow you. 

    • Tracy

      I do not think anyone could wish for a much more better article than what you have written up here to guide them in making the right choices when it comes to blogging to make money concerning their passion. Everything you have written is spot on and the various tools you suggested are cool. Selecting the niche is the most integral part and when that is down, the most important is tot provide a lot of contents on the niche while helping as much as possible people as that would give more legitimacy to the website and would help to get better recognition coupled with the influence of keyword research tool optimisation too. Thumbs up

    • Rodarrick

      Maximizing our blogging can only be possible if we have a personal connection with what we are blogging on and that is what passion does to the success of any blogger. Passion is the desire to keep on going at it when everything else fails and having a niche website in line with one’s passion is the best way to go about blogging. Making money with blogging is easier if done the right way and thanks for giving a detailed overview of everything to do and how to get started with it all as regards to blogging. Your article is spot on.

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      Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about how to make money blogging. Many of us are searching how to make money with our won content. But we don’t know what to do. By reading your post it is very clear to me that making money with blogging is not so difficult. You have given us some important information about it. We should follow your guidance. 

      Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family. 

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        I appreciate you liked our article and you got some good information from it. Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback here and please comeback later for more great articles about blogging and affiliate marketing.

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