How to Make Money Blogging about a Topic

You came across this blog post because you want to learn how to make money blogging about a topic. When starting a profitable blog, choosing a topic or niche is an important decision that will affect your long-term success. Not to mention that the profitability path will be arduous and long if you blog about something you are just passionate about.

So, what is a blog topic or niche? Most people use these terms interchangeably. But, to understand their How to Make Money Blogging about a Topicdifference, it’s important to consider these examples. A topic is something like “travel”. A niche, on the other side, can be something like “solo male travel”. When a blogger talks about niching down, they mean narrowing down the focus to target a specific audience.

It’s easier to write content that earns you the loyalty of customers by targeting solo male travelers as your audience than when you consider all travelers your audience. This is very important when your interest is to make money blogging about a specific topic. So, how do you make money blogging about a certain topic?

Start a Blog

You’re reading this because you probably don’t have a blog yet. Well, it’s not too late to start one and earn from it. Starting a blog is a process with the following steps.

Step #1: Choose a Niche

When starting a blog, it’s easy to want to write about your work, hobbies, movies, and politics. Thus, you can be tempted to write about different topics without a specific focus. If you do this, your blog will have a steady following of family and friends. But, this kind of traffic won’t earn you the money you need from your blogging efforts.

When you blog on random topics, you don’t get loyal readers in significant numbers. That’s because people won’t know whether you are a book critic, food reviewer, or movie critic. Advertisers won’t want to advertise with you since they won’t know what you blog about. To make money blogging on a topic, choose a profitable niche or topic to specialize in and stick to it.

But, how do you choose a profitable niche or topic for your blog? Well, you need to aim at fulfilling a need. Is there something you’ve wished somebody would blog about? This can be a topic you can comfortably research on and write about. Other people may also be interested in reading about the same topic. It can also be something you have some knowledge about. An ideal blog niche should also be something you are interested in, profitable, and one you can always get quality content for.

Step #2: Choose and Register a Domain Name

After choosing a niche for your blog, choose and register a name for your blog or simply a domain name. Start by finding out if the domain name you would like your blog to have is available. There are several tools you can use to do that online. Once you’ve established that your preferred domain name is available, register it with registrars like Name Cheap and GoDaddy.

Step#3: Choose a Web Host

A good way to host your first blog is to use shared hosting. This is cheaper because you share server resources with other users. What’s more, shared hosting requires minimal technical knowledge. Nevertheless, choose a reliable web host like Blue Host with a good track record, support, and a reasonable price. I did a blog post on how to get a free domain and hosting with Blue Host here

Step #4: Set Up WordPress

Once you have a hosting account, log into your blog admin area to install a blogging platform, WordPress in this case. You can install WordPress by downloading files from and then uploading them to the host. You can also use an auto-installation app. Both methods are simple.

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Step #5: Use Pre-Built Themes to Design a Blog

This is where you dive deeper. A WordPress blog has a CMS Core, Plugins, and Themes. Designing a WordPress blog is all about customizing the theme design. What makes WordPress an ideal option for most bloggers is the fact that the theme and back-end system are separate. That means a blogger can change the theme, customize their packaged theme, or create a completely new theme as long as they have the necessary design skills.

Step #6: Install Essential Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins that you can install in your blog. The reason to install plugins is to integrate functionalities like booking, opt-ins, and online shopping. But, the most important plugins are the ones that enhance performance, marketability, customization, and security of a blog.

Once you’ve followed these steps and created a blog on a specific niche, it’s now time to make money.

Advice on How to Make Money Blogging about a Topic

To make money blogging on a specific niche or topic, you need a profitable niche and targeted traffic. You’ve probably heard that health and fitness, parenting, self-improvement, making money online, and pet are the top 5 money blogging topics or niches. However, it’s important to conduct some research about your preferred blog topic. Find out more about the traffic generated by the topic.

Once your blog starts generating targeted traffic, move on to monetize it. There are many ways of monetizing a blog.

Major among them include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling eBooks
  • Selling online courses
  • Promoting freelance writing services
  • Advertising with Google AdSense
  • Consulting and Coaching

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