So, you’re ready to start a blog but you don’t know the best free blogging sites. Well, several sites claim to be the best for bloggers but, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates. With this platform, you can start a blog for free once you open a new account. You experience the premium version and enjoy the training and support provided by the community behind it. You can also reach out to me if you have questions or issues.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliates is an online community of trainers that walk new bloggers through the process of building their websites. This community provides a training program with various modules that new bloggers work through. For instance, you may not know what exactly to blog about or how to create your first website. Well, this community can help you with this and even more. What’s more, you can learn how to monetize a blog once you open a new free account.

On joining Wealthy Affiliates by creating a free account, you get access to an Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. Some of the things you learn with this course include:

  • How to use Site Rubix to build a website
  • The keyword research process
  • How to optimize a website with WordPress
  • How to create quality content for a website

A Supportive Community

One of the major reasons why Wealthy Affiliates is one of the best free blogging websites is the fact that it has a highly supportive community. On joining this platform, you join a like-minded individuals’ community. These are people focused on building their businesses, brands, and websites. You get top-notch online training and support from like-minded people.

Perhaps, you’ve seen platforms or programs that use live Facebook sessions to provide “training”. Such programs comprise of people that just tell you how much money they make from blogging and how their lifestyles have improved. But, they don’t provide actual information to help you achieve this great lifestyle.

Well, Wealthy Affiliates is different. You get instructions to guide you start and monetize your blog step-by-step. You learn how to create a blog and generate income from your efforts. The Wealthy Affiliates community is very active and members are happy to give new bloggers assistance and advice.

If you have issues along the way, reach out to me. I will be glad to guide you and ensure that you are headed in the right direction.

Why Wealthy Affiliates is among the Best Free Blogging Sites

Millions of people are earning their income through affiliate marketing. To stand out in this saturated world, you need assistance. Wealthy Affiliates is a platform that provides the help you need to become a successful blogger or affiliate marketer.

Essentially, you don’t need a degree or a Ph.D. to become a successful affiliate marketer. You just need mentorship, willingness to learn, and the right mentality to take action. Wealthy Affiliates provide the resources, knowledge, and tools you need to succeed. That’s why it is a perfect platform for starting an online business.

Here are the other benefits of this platform:

  • Free website and hosting- Instead of spending $10 to $15 on your domain name, Wealthy Affiliates will give you two free sub-domains.
  • Certification Courses- You get access to a course that teaches you to find a niche, build a website, and use SEO to generate organic traffic. You also learn website or blog monetization strategies.
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Course- This advanced course teaches you to start and run your online business.
  • Access to Keyword Search– You get access to a comprehensive keyword research tool.
  • Supportive Community- Wealthy Affiliates has more than 1.4 million knowledgeable users ready to help you.
  • Learn and Earn- Promote Wealthy Affiliate while learning to earn a commission when people sign up.
  • Free SSL- Websites or blogs that are hosted on Wealthy Affiliate servers get free SSL.

Wealthy Affiliates provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step training to new website owners or bloggers. The tools provided by this platform are also easy to use. If you’ve ever tried to start blogging for money, you probably know that the task can be overwhelming. The many moving parts involved make the task quite complicated. Nevertheless, Wealthy Affiliates makes it easier.

Just Do It

To understand why Wealthy Affiliates is the best free blogging website and see how it makes setting up a blog easy, sign up today. See how the community of Wealthy Affiliates will help you become a great blogger and earn massive income eventually. If you’ve always wanted to start a blog but wondered how to do it, start by signing up for a free account today. You can also check out my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more about this platform.




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