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Here are the steps on how to get started:

  1. The first step is download this landing page by clicking here. This software is the one, I recommend to create your landing pages and it comes with a 14 day free trial. SO you have plenty of time to make some money and continue with your account. Plus, is the one, I use in my videos so that way will be easier for you to follow along.

2. You need a Facebook account and if you don’t have one already click here.

3. Third step is to take a screenshot of your NEW ClickFunnels Account using my affiliate link. And send it to my Skype so, I could send you the rest of the training. Send it to my email

After receiving the screenshot you are going to receive the rest of videos showing you how to run the ads and make some money! (I can’t guarantee profits but, I’m sure if you take action you could make some money!)

4. Open a ClickBank Account here.

5. Open a Udemi Account Here.

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It is very easy to follow and do and you do need some budget for Facebook ads. Paid traffic is the best

way to scale your business to be honest. I have not met any super affiliate that made millions with free traffic but,

it will be an honor to meet him/her is you know it.


Here are the videos:

  1. What is affiliate marketing?

2. How to spy other affiliates:

3. How to spy other affiliates using paid tools:

4. How To Find Offer Using OfferVault

5. How to open your Clickbank Account.

6. How To Edit PDFs/Ebooks

Go here to edit your PDFs or Ebooks.

7. How to install the Facebook pixel, why is important, install the Facebook pixel helper

& Clickfunnels back office view.


Need coaching? Go Below and Start Today! I’ll help you set up your funnel, optimization, scaling techniques, retargeting and all you need to make this work on top of this free course.

9. How To Use Clickfunnels Basic Course.

10. Full Free Facebook Ad Course:

a. Main Menu:

b. Audience Insights

c. Facebook Pixels

d. Custom Audiences

e. Custom Conversions & LookAlike

f. Dark Posts or Page Posts

g. Ads Manager

h. Targeting

i. Saving audiences, placements, devices, platforms and schedule posts

j. Finishing The Ad